find the beauty.



I love driving this time of the year in my town, it’s such a simple thing that I always forget I enjoy until it comes back around.  Twinkle lights are up and the chill in the air makes everything seem quieter.  Norah Jones hums softly in the background as I let my heart swirl in the softness of it all.  The holidays start to roll around and my mind always goes to a softer place, a place where things really aren’t that bad.  I know it’s the “Christmas cliché” to be jolly and thankful during this time of the year and people get their panties in a bunch because they want people to be thankful at all times of the year, which I agree with, but have you lived life?  Have you listened to the news? Do you live inside your own mind? Sometimes it gets so clogged with agenda’s, and bad relationships, and sucky bosses, and natural disasters, and babies that cry, and sometimes you forget life is meant to be enjoyed, that being thankful isn’t a burden but something that actually allows the weight of the world to lift from your aching shoulders. 
I think the pantie bunchers are right, but I also think it’s good to be reminded, to be quieted and softened so that you can hear the bells, or Norah Jones, or sometimes just a friend.  Sometimes your mind needs to be cleared out of all the “me, me, me’s” and it needs to be replaced with the “look at how beautiful your grace is, Lord, look at how much you love me!”  Wonder is something I’ve noticed I’ve lacked lately.  Wonder of God, and wonder of the small things throughout the day that actually would allow my day to look a little brighter.


I put a candle in my room, It’s called “Christmas morning latte”, I’ve never been in a family that has latte’s on Christmas morning but I enjoy that my room smells like I am.  Every time I walk into my room my heart lifts a bit and somehow I’m reminded that life is ok, that I’m not the center, and it’s ok that I want to take a very long nap. I’m a smell person, people remember moments and events by food, or a song, or maybe even the colors; I always remember things by smells; The way someone smelled, or the smell of a house, or even the smell of the road we walked on.  I can be brought back to that moment in an instant as soon as I smell whatever aroma is passing through.  This candle tickles whatever memory sensor of mine and reminds me of peace and stillness. I’m able to think without my own self getting in the way, and I’m able to relax and see things beautifully, which is so important to me.  I’m able to let The Lord whisper his plans into my ear and I hear them, I hear his soft voice and my heart is full and happy and I smell the candle and the twinkle lights in town are glowing and Norah Jones is singing and my sweater is soft on my skin, and my eyes are open and I’m able to see. 


Life is beautiful, even in the chaos, in the typhoons, in the family breakage, in the baby cries, in the horrible days at work, in the news of cancer; there is always a light, a hope, bigger than me, bigger than you.  This hope has called you His, let that be beautiful enough to carry you through.  


3 thoughts on “find the beauty.

  1. love you more than the first foot of beautifully fallen snow and hayrides in the middle october. love you more than clear night skies and airplane rides to new places. love you more than my fear of being vulnerable and my hope of getting through this semester. you are a distinctive part of my joy, sister.

  2. Chelsea,
    a dear friend of mine sent me the link of one of your blogs and I have found myself on your blog site for almost an hour now reading your thoughts that are very similar to the things that are close to my heart. Just a comment to say Thank you for taking time to share,

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